School Counseling Office-HS

Helping students become successful adults is the main purpose of the school counselor. It is felt that the student who understands himself, his interests, his abilities, and his weaknesses can make wiser choices vocationally and educationally. He must, of course, know what there is to choose from, both in the world of work and in educational institutions.

Basic to a successful life is a positive attitude and knowledge of how to make friends and get along with others. Individuals should learn to live productively and fully. With these objectives as guides, the program of the school counselor in the Claysburg-Kimmel High School has been organized.

School Counseling news is posted on the bulletin board outside the high school main office. A calendar lists test dates and visits from colleges and military recruiters. All school counseling information is also included on the school website.

If there are any problems you may have about school, social problems, or schedules, please feel free to visit the school counseling office.

Have a great summer! I will be out of the office until Monday, August 17th. 
`Ms. Hinkledire


Wednesday, August 26th:   Financial Aid Night - 5:30PM-7:30PM - TBA
Tuesday, October 13th:      FAFSA Completion - 8AM-6PM - By Appointment 
Wednesday, October 14th:  PSATs - All 10th grade and interested Juniors -
Periods 1 - 4
Thursday, November 5th -  ASVAB - All Juniors - Periods 1 - 4