How-To & FAQs

Please find below various how-to's, step-by-step instructions, general information and frequently asked questions for many technology services that are provided to students and staff.

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Clever (For Grades K-12)
-Platform provides single-sign-on access to many District apps and programs

Clever app logo

Zoom(For Grades K-12)
-Video Conferencing Platform for teachers to use during distance and hybrid learning

Zoom icon

Seesaw (For Grades K-4)
-Platform for teachers to distribute assignments to students and for students to send assignments back

Seesaw logo

Microsoft Teams (For Grades 5-12)
-Platform for teachers to distribute assignments to students and for students to send assignments back
-Can also be used for video conferencing

Microsoft Teams icon

Microsoft Office 365 (For Grades 4-12)
-Platform that contains email, document, spreadsheet and presentation software

Microsoft Office 365 icons

FAQ Questions on Common Technology Issues

I'm working on Study Island and I can't access because the screen won't rotate to landscape.  How do I fix this?

Before you access Study Island via Clever, make sure you close all the browser tabs you have open in Safari or Chrome.  Physically rotate your iPad to Landscape, open the Clever app, login to Clever and then access Study Island.

My iPad isn't working correctly and I think I need to restart it.  How can I do that?
To reboot an iPad, you can perform a warm reboot.  Press and hold the Home button at the bottom of the screen along with the Power button.  Continue to press and hold both buttons at the same time until you see the white Apple logo and then release.  Your iPad will take about a minute to reboot.

I am trying to open an attachment in Microsoft Teams and I'm getting the error message 'Cannot Open Unsupported File Type'.
This error can be resolved by updating  both the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Word apps on your iPad. Go to the Self-Service portal app on your iPad and look for both apps.  Select Reinstall for both apps in order to update.


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