School Police/Security Officer






Job Summary:           The School Police/Security Officer will patrol School District facilities and grounds to prevent disruptive or illegal actions to promote a safe and healthy learning environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Reports To:


  1. High School graduate
  2. Act 120 OR 235 Certification
  3. Current Act 134, Act 151, and FBI Clearances as required by PA law, any other clearances that may be required by law or by the District
  4. Knowledge of PA laws and District policies
  5. Knowledge of District data management systems and camera/security systems
  6. Ability to analyze situations efficiently and objectively to determine a proper course of action
  7. Able to communicate, cooperate, and address situations firmly, courteously, and with respect for the rights of others
  8. Minimum two years of police/security experience



  1. Provide diligent patrol to District schools and property to deter crimes against students, staff of property
  2. Enforce PA Crime Codes, if certified, by making arrests or issuing citations for violations on school property or at school-sponsored events
  3. Act as a liaison between the District, local law enforcement agencies, and the community
  4. Conduct investigations relate to truancy, residency, and criminal misconduct
  5. Other duties as assigned by Building Administrators and Superintendent


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Instructional responsibilities/duties of School Police/Security Officer
    1. shall develop expertise in presenting various subjects to students
    2. shall work in conjunction with Administrators and certified instructors to assist in the delivery of instruction in a variety of subject areas, including, but not limited to, police and their role in society; laws; juvenile and adult criminal justice systems; career opportunities in law enforcement; drug education; crime and community; conflict resolution; bullying prevention and resolution; diversity and tolerance in the school and community; and other classes as permitted by scheduling and as determined appropriate by respective Administrators and staff.
    3. Perform services on a “guest lecturer” basis consistent with regulations of the Pennsylvania Board of Education and the Educational Professional Standards Bard, working collaboratively with Administrators, Counselors, and instructional staff as scheduling permits
  2. Additional Duties and Responsibilities of School Police/Security Officer
    1. Participate in trainings related to Safe Schools, School Resource Officer programs, the PA Student Assistance Program, age appropriate interventions, diversity and at-risk populations including students with disabilities, students of color, LGBT students, pregnant students, and others
    2. Encourage individual and small group discussions with students based upon relevant material to further establish rapport with students
    3. When requested by an Administrator, shall attend parent/faculty/School Board meetings to solicit support and understanding of the program
    4. Shall make himself/herself available for conferences with students, parents, and faculty members in order to assist them with problems of law enforcement or of a crime prevention nature
    5. Shall become familiar with all community agencies which offer assistance to youths and their families such as mental health clinics, drug treatment centers, etc.… Shall make referrals to such agencies, when necessary, thereby acting as a resource person to students, staff, and parents.  Shall notify the Administrator in writing of referrals.
    6. Shall participate in Safe Schools meetings and trainings to assist in development of plans and strategies to prevent and/or minimize dangerous situations that may result within the District
    7. Should it become necessary to conduct formal Police interview with students, the School Police/Security Officer shall adhere to local Board Policy, local Police Department Policy, PA statutes, and other legal requirements with regard to such an interview
    8. IF, by way of the exercise of his/her discretion as a sworn Police Officer, take law enforcement action as required.  As soon as practical, the School Police/Security Officer shall, in writing, make the Administrator aware of such action.  At the Principal’s request, the School Police/Security Officer shall take appropriate law enforcement action against intruders and unwanted guests who may appear at the school and school-related functions, to the extent that the School Police Officer may do so under the authority of law.  Whenever practical, the School Police/Security Officer shall advise the Principal before requesting additional Police assistance on school grounds.
    9. Shall give assistance to the law enforcement officers in matters regarding his/her school assignment, whenever necessary
    10. Shall, whenever possible, participate in and/or attend school functions, and assist in the scheduling of additional police/security personnel as needed
    11. May be assigned investigations relating to truancy, theft, drug activity, harassment, or any crime relating to the students attending District schools
    12. Shall maintain detailed and accurate records of the operation of the School Police/Security Officer program, and shall submit reports of an instructional nature as required by the Principal of school staff
    13. Shall be present during lunch periods, programs, presentations, and other activities during the school day as scheduling permits and where opportunities exist to promote communication and build rapport with students, staff, and the community
    14. The School Administration or staff may advise the School Police/Security Officer of incidents or activities possibly giving rise to criminal or juvenile violations and the School Police/Security Officer shall then determine whether law enforcement action is appropriate with respect to those activities occurring on school property or at school sponsored functions, which an Administrator is directed to report to the “appropriate law enforcement agency (assault resulting in serious physical injury, a sexual offense, kidnapping, assault involving the use of a weapon, possession of a firearm in violation of the law, possession of a controlled substance in violation of the law, or damage to the property),” and those activities which an Administrator, teacher, or other school employee is directed to report to the “local Police department, of Pennsylvania State Police, (such activities consisting of conduct occurring on school premises or school sponsored events which is believed to constitute a misdemeanor or violation or offense relating to deadly weapons, use, possession, or sale of controlled substances, or a felony offense),” it is agreed and understood that the School Police Officer is authorized to receive and appropriately act on any of such foregoing reports and the aforementioned school personnel may satisfy such reporting requirements by advising the School Police Officer of activities believed to fall within the foregoing statutory directives.



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by the School Police/Security Officer and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required under this position.