*Updated 9-10-2020* ICC Return To Play


The Inter County Conference will follow all PIAA regulations and adhere to state mandates regarding return to competition in the fall of 2020.




  • Pre-Contest screening for all interscholastic scrimmages and contests
    • All schools will adhere to pre-contest screenings before each scrimmage and contest by their school’s personnel.
    • These screenings will include temperature checks prior to pre-game warmups for the home team and prior to getting on the bus to travel for the visiting team. The visiting team will also screen any essential personnel traveling with them (statisticians, scorekeepers, ball boys, managers, bus drivers, etc.)
    • The home school will be responsible to screen (including temperature checks) all essential personnel, media, and officials who will be entering the contest site.


  • Water coolers are the responsibility of each team. One person or coach should be the designee to handle and refill all water bottles before and during the contest. That designee will use gloves and be wearing a face covering.
  • Face Coverings are required in all sports when you are not an active participant.
  • Locker Rooms will not be provided for visiting schools (Exception: Football)
  • Parents picking up children after home contests should not be arriving prior to the end of the contest. They should be leaving to pick up children based on watching the live stream and/or via group text sent by a designated person with the home team (coach, statistician, etc.).
  • Spectators
    • Will follow recommendations from Governor Wolf/DOH as they become available
      • 250 may be onsite for outside events
      • 25 onsite for indoor events
    • Game Management is responsible to adhere to current regulations. Contests should not be played if there are spectators in areas that can be controlled and maintained by the home school. Forfeits will be awarded if home schools do not comply.
    • Game Management cannot control privately owned personal or business property that is adjacent or near any outdoor competition areas. There shall be no spectators on any public or school property. Loitering outside of schools, in parking lots and on school grounds in general during interscholastic competitions should be handled by the home school.



No Conference Specific additions to the PIAA guidelines


  • Pregame warmups – Team Warming up has the gym with up to 22 people on the court warming up. 2 officials and clock operator are also in the gym. Team not warming up will wait in a staging area provided by the host team.
  • Home team provides warmup balls (unless the visiting school is not comfortable with that in which case, they may elect to bring their own). Balls should be cleaned between the two team’s warmups.
  • Travel Sizes for visiting teams are limited as follows: Games at ICC North schools – 16 players; Games at ICC South schools – 20 players.
  • During the game, each team may only have 8 participants (coaches/athletes) in the gym at any one time. The host school will provide socially distanced seating for the remaining participants outside the gymnasium area (hallways, lobbies) and adjacent to the gymnasium.
  • There will be no room in the gym for bus drivers. Host school should provide a place, if requested, where the visiting bus driver can come inside during the competition.


  • Coaches, press box personnel, chain gang and all other essential personnel must wear face coverings.
  • Players on the sidelines who are not active substitutes must wear face coverings.
  • Media and Photographers who are pre-registered and pre-approved by game management and are working the event are permitted and must wear face coverings. Social distancing, whether in the press box or on the sidelines is always required for Media and photographers.
  • Bus drivers and equipment van drivers are considered essential personnel and may enter the stadium with face coverings. This is limited to ONE person per bus.
  • Cheerleaders are permitted at home events only. Cheerleaders must wear face coverings unless actively performing.
  • Bands are permitted at home events only. The band will perform the national anthem from the stands prior to the game and will have the entire halftime for their performance.
  • Locker Room and changing areas for visiting teams are the responsibility of the home school. The opposing school Athletic Directors should work out mutually agreeable details 24 hours or more prior to the contest.

ICC Member Schools Districts

Bellwood-Antis School District

Central Fulton Area School District [McConnellsburg HS]
Claysburg-Kimmel School District

Everett Area School District
Fannett-Metal School District
Forbes Road School District
Glendale School District
Juniata Valley School District

Moshannon Valley School District
Mount Union Area School District
Northern Bedford School District
Southern Fulton School District
Southern Huntingdon School District
Tussey Mountain School District
West Branch Area School District
Williamsburg Area School District


Please contact your athletic department with questions:

Brian Helsel – 239-5141, ext. 1314 (Athletic Director)

Paula Ickes – 239-5141, ext. 1320

(Assistant Athletic Director)