Course 2 Website Access Directions

Students have been given their username and passwords and a copy of these directions to access the on-line textbook resources.



1). Log onto, no www needed.  Enter username and password.  Only use to go directly to the homework page in the book.  You will need “Go” keyword from textbook to access.

2). Your textbook should appear.

3). Click on “go to online textbook

4). There are 3 tabs once you are into the textbook and online features:

  • Book Pages – which is the entire book online
  • Student Resources – which provides students with extra practice problems, examples worked out with actual visual tutor showing steps with explanations, and several other helpful features
  • Videos & Activities – which provides lesson tutorial videos and some lesson interactives to complete

5). Once you are logged into the website, you must choose the chapter and lesson section where specific practice or help is needed

6). Once specific chapter and lesson section are chosen, then hit the “go” button to access


Book Pages:

  • Examples explained and demonstrated
  • Interactive practice quiz
  • Glossary and math terms defined

Student Resources:

  • Practice & extra review problems
  • Interactive problems
  • “Are You Ready” to practice skills
  • “Ready to Go On” skills practice
  • Homework help on-line, some problems are there from book and video/tutorial is with these problems
  • Individual lesson resources specific to each lesson in chapter

Videos and Activities:

  • Lesson tutorial videos with problems demonstrated step by step with explanations
  • Lesson interactives in exploration of concepts, skill practice and quizzes to test understanding



*** Some repetitions of tutorials and interactive activities are found in more than one location ***